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Intilaaqah Toastmasters Club
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MusbahIntilaaqah Toastmasters Club is one of the toastmasters clubs dedicated for UAE youth. The club was established on January 28, 2006. The members meet on bi-monthly basis to deliver a prepared speech before an audience of other members, followed by constructive evaluation from a more experienced member. In addition to that, the club organizes social events, inter-club activities and an annual club contest.

Intilaaqah Toastmasters is also involved in the Area (Abu Dhabi) and Division (UAE) Contests. The program has two tracks for the members; the Leadership track and the Communication track; once the member successfully finishes delivering 10 projects, he gets a certificate of Competent Communicator.


Musbah Adnan Abu Jarad

Past President


Vision :

To be the number one club in the UAE in developing communication and leadership skills


Mission :

To enhance leadership and communication skills of potential leaders

1st Issue, Dec2014
1st Issue 2014 Newsletter

1st Issue , December 2014

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